10 Tips to Make White Wine Even More Delicious

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Most people prefer red wine to white, but if you’re one of the few who prefers white, here are 10 ways to make it even more delicious! White wine can be fantastic as an aperitif or with your favorite meal, so be sure to follow these tips to get the most out of every glass! Note that these tips are geared towards dry white wines. Sparkling and sweet wines do not benefit from most of these tips, but you can use them to make plain white wine more interesting.

Tip 1: There are red wines and there are white wines

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Red wine and white wine are both types of wines but they have very different flavor profiles. For instance, red wines are typically made from dark grapes that have been fermented for months on end and produce a deep, rich flavor. White wines, on the other hand, typically use lighter-colored grapes that have a fruity or spicy taste when fermented. As a result, white wines can often be served at room temperature while reds are better off served colder.

Tip 2: Aging white wine

Aging white wine is one of the best ways to mature a white flavor profile. For this process, white wines are typically put into large tanks where they are then pasteurized and left to rest in temperature-controlled vessels for 6 months or more. The aging process can also be achieved by storing the wine at cool room temperatures in special caskets or casks. Once aging is complete, these wines are then bottled with a label indicating the vintage year for use as a marketable product.

Tip 3: What is fresher when buying a bottle of white wine?

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A bottle of white wine will most likely be at its freshest in the first year it is released. After that, it can start to lose taste and bouquet over time, so be sure to drink it up soon after release. Another factor to consider when buying a bottle of white wine is whether or not you want a fresh or aged one. One thing to note about aging wines is that they generally improve with age and drinking them earlier may reduce their flavor quality. If you are not interested in the aging process, then go for a more fresh one!

Tip 4: What is Chardonnay?

Chardonnay is a white wine varietal produced from the chardonnay grape. The word comes from the French region of Burgundy where it originated, but can be found in other wine-producing regions around the world. It is high in acidity, with notes of pineapple and vanilla.

Tip 5: Is it really better to store opened bottles on their side?

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A common misconception is that you should store opened bottles of wine upright, but in reality, the best practice is to store open wine on its side. This allows oxygen to flow through the bottle and into the wine which aids in preserving taste and aging.

Tip 6: Serving Temperature in General – But Not for Chardonnay

It’s best not to serve wine, whether it be white or red, in extreme temperatures. The exception for whites is Chardonnay which is best served chilled. For example, white wines should be served at a temperature around 45 degrees Fahrenheit and red wines should be served at a temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tip 7: Serve an Unoaked Chardonnay Young

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One of the most important considerations for pairing wine with food is whether the wine has had a lot of time to age or not. If you are looking for a white wine that will go well with seafood, most experts recommend wines aged in oak barrels because they have a bolder flavor.

Tip 8: How should you open a bottle of white wine?

When you open a bottle of white wine, many believe that you should use the palm of your hand or a metal waiter’s friend instead of an opener. If the cork is tightly pressed into the neck of the bottle, it can be difficult to extract using just your hands. To make removing this cork easier, try soaking it in warm water for a few minutes first.

Tip 9. Don’t Chill Your White Wine. Chill Your Glass Instead!

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Don’t chill your white wine. Chill your glass instead! This is a tip that I feel should be added more often to these lists because it’s one of the best ways to enjoy a crisp white. The reason? Chill, even in the slightest bit, will cause your bottle of wine’s flavor nuances and subtle notes to come out far less than if you drank it from a room temperature or gently warmed vessel.

Tip 10. Enjoy responsibly!

Before enjoying your white wine, make sure you’ve given it enough time to breathe in a temperature-controlled environment. Whether you’re bringing the bottle home from your favorite store or opening one you already have at home, it’s important that wine is stored at the right temperature and allowed a decent amount of time before being consumed. Most experts say one hour, but what really matters is what tastes best to YOU! Try different lengths of time and find out what your personal preference is.