10 Surprising Things That Might Make You Put Down the Bottle of Rosé

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We’ve probably all heard the phrase a little bit of wine helps you sleep at some point, but did you know that there are actually certain substances that can make you stop drinking? As wine importers and distributors, we get to sample an assortment of wines every day, and we’ve seen how various substances can affect your ability to enjoy the perfect glass. If you’re interested in finding out what these substances are and why they work the way they do, read on! We’ll share 10 surprising things that can stop you from drinking rosé.

1) Not enjoying wine

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Chances are that you either don’t enjoy wine, don’t like the feeling that it gives you, or can only drink a little bit before feeling nauseous. I know how awful these things can be because they’re all true for me! Though I can usually only drink a little bit, there are times when a good bottle of wine (read: rosé) is just what I need.

2) Never knowing what to drink with dinner

It can be really tricky to know what to drink with dinner when you don’t have preferred wine. Here are some quick ideas that will take any dinner from meh to yum: Sweet wines go well with something light like pasta or a salad. Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling all work well in this scenario. -Earthy reds like Cabernet Franc pair best with heartier dishes like roasted vegetables or chicken thighs.

3) Worrying about alcohol tolerance

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It’s a legitimate concern. The only way to find out is to try it out and see how your body reacts. But it’s always possible that no matter what, you could experience some adverse reactions, ranging from dehydration to feeling sick for hours on end. One thing you should never do is rely on caffeine or caffeinated alcohol drinks like beer as a substitute for coffee or soda because they can cause rebound headaches when consumed too much. Still, it doesn’t mean that giving up booze entirely will solve all your problems.

4) Being in an area where there are not many options for wine

It is unfortunate that in many places, you won’t find many opportunities to enjoy a glass of wine. This lack of variety in alcohol choices can lead to stagnation and monotony. As wine drinkers, it’s so important to switch up your options often so that you aren’t taking down something like rosé wine every day and all the time. One way to do this is by traveling and bringing along some good bottles as well as some new flavors.

5) Being around people who don’t appreciate wine

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Sometimes the people in your life don’t appreciate wine enough. The worst is when someone gushes about how amazing that rosé tastes, despite it being warm, sour, and totally off. In this case, you may want to invite them to a wine tasting at home where they can experience wine like it’s meant to be—a refreshing, mouth-watering perfection that might just change their mind forever.

6) Thinking it’s going to taste bad

The wine-drinking experience can be a sensory overload for some. There’s no point in taking your first sip if you’re feeling apprehensive about it. If your first few experiences with rosa wine are unpleasant, you might end up associating them with memories that are mostly bad and lose all motivation to drink rosa wine again.

7) Alcohol intolerance can be confused with other problems

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You might think that you have a rare allergy to wine, but it could just be alcohol intolerance. Alcohol intolerances can create symptoms in some people that mimic an allergic reaction, such as coughing, wheezing, congestion, dizziness, and more. Intolerances are different from allergies because people with an intolerance lack the necessary enzymes needed to process certain types of alcohol.

8) Convinced that you won’t like it because others don’t like it

You’ve never had rosé before, or you don’t think you like it because other people say it tastes too sweet or like juice. You might feel like that’s all there is to it. You might feel like there’s nothing more to know. Well, just because someone says something doesn’t mean they’re right! Take a sip and then decide for yourself what you like best. Who knows? It might be the taste of wine (or maybe not).

9) Tasting a truly bad bottle

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They say that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and in my case, they’re right. I finally realized how good I had it when I tasted a truly bad bottle of rosé. The wine was too dry, fruity, and had almost no flavor to it. Compared to my usual bottles that were sweet, had a ton of different flavors that paired well with food, and were just so refreshing- drinking this terrible bottle made me realize all these things about myself.

10) Wanting to quit, but being too invested

It can be frustrating to know when to give up and stop investing in a product or service. There are, however, some things that might make you want to consider putting down the bottle for good. The number one reason is not just a financial decision, but an emotional one as well: wanting to quit for health reasons. There’s some irony in this, because wine is supposed to help us with our health. However, too much alcohol can cause serious harm over time like liver problems and heart disease.