You’re Not Drinking Wine Until You’ve Tried Wines by Nature

wines by nature

Have you ever heard of wines by nature? It’s an exciting alternative to the typical wine you might order at a restaurant or buy at the store, with many of its proponents touting it as being healthier and more delicious than conventional wines. However, there are still some skeptics out there who wonder if this wine could possibly be any good, so in today’s article, we’re going to break down the definition of natural wine and explain exactly why it should be on your radar the next time you’re picking out your favorite drink at the store.

Everything You Need to Know About the World of Natural Wine

Wines by Nature

Natural wines are made from grapes that are grown without any chemicals or added yeast, making them less acidic and more fruity. There is no strict definition of what constitutes a natural wine, but in general, it means that the grapes were grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, no sulfur was added to halt fermentation (a process called sulfurizing), and yeasts were allowed to enter the fermentation process naturally. It is possible for wines to be both organic and natural.

  • Natural wine has a lower alcohol content than regular wine, so you can drink it without getting too tipsy.
  • It’s made from organic grapes and other ingredients, so there are no pesticides or insecticides to worry about.
  • It tastes good!
  • You’ll be supporting sustainable farming practices that produce fewer carbon emissions and use fewer resources than conventional wines do.

The flavors will vary depending on the region in which they were produced, just like their non-organic counterparts.

Five Reasons Natural Wine is My New Favorite Thing

My favorite way to enjoy this stuff is with cheese, as some of them have more tannins which make them perfect for pairing with food. So now when I’m cooking dinner I don’t have to choose between red wine and white; I just grab one of each!

Are Natural Wines Good for Me?

Natural Wines

Natural wines are made in a traditional manner, which means that by law they must be:
-made from grapes grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides
-fermented and aged without the addition of sulfites
-free from any added concentrates, sugars, or other grape derivatives.

Where can I find Natural Wines near me?

The best place to find your nearest distributor of natural wines is on the website for the National Association of American Wineries, as well as wine trade organizations like Wine Making (UK) and Weingutverband (Germany). If you’re looking for a store that sells wines from all over the world, your best bet is going to be at smaller specialty stores.

How Do I Drink Natural Wines?

No Added Sulfites

Natural wines are made with little to no added sulfites, and a lot of them are produced in the vineyard. The result is a fresh, clean-tasting wine that’s perfect for pairing with food. To drink one, pour it gently into a glass and swirl it around to watch the sediment sink to the bottom. You’ll notice bubbles on the surface- these are created by naturally occurring carbon dioxide released during fermentation.

How Can I Learn More About Natural Wine?

The best way to learn more about Natural Wine is to go out and try a few different types. The next time you are at a restaurant, ask the waiter if they have any bottles on their menu that could be considered natural. If they do, order one and give it a try! You’ll quickly see why people rave about the taste.