The Best Holiday Wine and Liquor (or Keep for Yourself)

Holiday wine and liquor

When Thanksgiving comes around, the holidays officially begin, and people start looking for gifts to give to their loved ones. And what better way to say I love you than with wine? There are endless options out there, and so many labels that it can be overwhelming to try and choose just the right bottle. If you’re wondering which wines are the best holiday wine and liquor to give as presents, look no further! Here is one of the best that should make any lover of wine happy this season.

1) Pinot Grigio

Holiday Wine and Liquor

Pinot Grigio is a crisp and refreshing wine that pairs well with many foods. This light, dry wine is best served chilled and pairs well with seafood, pasta dishes, chicken, or cheese boards. Pinot Grigio can also be paired with spicy dishes for a refreshing balance. If you are looking for a more affordable bottle of wine then this is one you should keep in mind.

2) Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is often called The King of Whites, and for good reason. It’s a wine that you can enjoy during any season, but it’s especially popular during the winter holidays. Sauvignon Blanc has a tangy flavor with a little bit of citrus and grassiness. The acidity in this wine makes it a great pairing with holiday foods like roast turkey or ham, as well as seafood dishes like shrimp scampi.

3) Bordeaux is a Great Choice for Holiday Wine and Liquor

Best Wine Regions in France

Bordeaux is one of the best wine regions in France. It includes several sub-regions, but primarily Bordeaux wine is made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes. The wines are aged in oak barrels for a year before release. The aging process softens tannins, which can be bitter if not aged enough. There are reds and whites available. These include Château Smith Haut Lafitte at $450 per bottle, Château Latour at $475 per bottle, Château Margaux at $550 per bottle and Château Mouton Rothschild at $1,100 per bottle. These are top end bottles that will make an excellent gift or addition to your own collection.

4) Riesling Holiday Wine and Liquor

Rieslings are known for their versatility. This is because they can range from dry and crisp, to sweet with a bit more body. While many people think that Rieslings only come from Germany, there are actually other regions in Europe that produce them as well, such as France and Austria.

5) Grenache/Garnacha


Grenache, also known as Garnacha, is a wine grape that is grown in Spain and Portugal. Grenache is widely planted in California, where it’s one of the oldest vines. It’s often used as a blending grape with more expensive grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, but can also be found on its own in rosé wines or white wines. Grenache produces fruity reds with raspberry flavors and hints of smokey pepper.

6) Chardonnay Holiday Wine and Liquor

Chardonnay is a white wine that has a bold, buttery flavor with notes of lemon and peach. The best chardonnays are made from the Chardonnay grape found in France’s Burgundy region. For more complex flavors, try an oaked chardonnay. They have an oak flavor that adds depth with notes of vanilla and spice.

7) Zinfandel / Pinot Noir


Zinfandel and Pinot noir are two easy-drinking wines that can be found at any grocery store. Zinfandel typically pairs well with savory dishes like spicy chili, while Pinot noir is more versatile and can be paired with a variety of foods, including poultry and pasta dishes.